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The Ugly Truth of Modern-Day Marketing

The Ugly Truth

There is an ugly truth, all of us Marketing people, are facing these days.

The misconception that Marketing is ONLY and ONLY: a click of a Facebook post, the number of likes on an Instagram photo, or the amount of retweets on Twitter. Sorry to tell you that my friend, but nope! Social Media (Facbeook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat) are nothing but communication tools that contribute to no more than 10 or 20% of what marketing means.

They are just the modern replacement of: Newspaper Ad, Magazine Ad, Leaflets or inserts, Billboards or Mupis, or whatever that says: HEY I AM HERE!

Thus, confusing Digital communication tools with Marketing, is the biggest mistake our modern world is facing! There is way more to do than design a digital post template.

Marketing is a holistic approach, a complete loop where if one of the dots is missing, the loop will not be completed, and these are not just how many followers react or how many comments you get. There is more real life in marketing than there is on digital life!

But unfortunately, so many brands are forgetting the basics (even the simplest 4 Ps) in favor of the few thousands of numbers of so called followers and 'influencers'.

Speaking of influencers, stay tuned for next post!

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